7 points of combat Major General Viktor Khorenko

1. There are many fine managers in offices. But troops are not commanded from offices. They are not commanded without experience.

2. To understand how to defeat an enemy, you have to kill at least one personally. I have killed many.

3. My main goal is to fight the enemies of Ukraine. I don’t know if you hear anything about my fight, because I have never done it publicly. But I will fight.

4. I am not public, I do not play politics. The meaning of my life is to take revenge on the enemies of Ukraine.

5. The most important thing for me is to be honest. I have always been honest and open with my servicemen. This is essential to be able to express your opinion as well as to listen.

6. The only thing I could regret is that I have not completed the planned operations, that will not be able to support anymore those who were counting on me. But it does not depend on me, although I cannot help feeling responsible for my people.

7. Being a leader, it is difficult to leave your pack. But a wolf can hunt alone. The main thing is that there is always a prey, we have enough enemies.